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up-coming residencies 



Two options to engage with betOnest DURING THE MONTH OF APRIL: 

A 10-Day Artist Residency 
A Month-Long Residency


Month Long Residency

Long Term Self Directed Open Residencies at Betonest are available for the month of April. If you wish to live with us as a long term artist in residence you are welcome anytime during the month of April. We prefer if you stay for longer time periods such as a week or more. There are many weekend activities throughout the month including a meditation retreat, a garden week, a recovery weekend, a May Day festival and a sound weekend. More information on all these exciting events to come!

Tuesday April 23- Friday May 3 
What is THAW? It is a period of warmer weather when snow and ice begin to melt. ​A thaw is also a change to a friendlier attitude especially between people or countries. In German the word for thaw means tauwetter or schmelze.

Coral Short and Caitlin Fisher are collaborating once more to bring a mid-spring multimedia residency at Betonest. This quiet countryside residency is inside a national park in Brandenburg about 1.5 hours from Berlin. Our dynamic gatherings bring incredibly talented creatives together from Berlin and around the world! The cozy vintage hotel is located on a stunning canal where we can watch sunrises, sunsets, and boats on our meal and coffee breaks. This residency is a chance to finish your project - be it a video, sound, or performance work. We will provide a projector for artists’ talks and movie nights. Here we strive to create an art-making utopia for a full ten days - a magical space to raise up queer and feminist artists’ unique and diverse practices. This is a safe(r) space in which to realize your dreams, try out something new or just read that stack of books you’ve been collecting. We find people really get a lot done during these ten days. We encourage people to share their morning movement practices with us. Vegetarian dinners are an event every night full of idea sharing, stories and laughter. Gluten-free options will be available. If you are not free during this time we encourage you to invite your friends who may benefit from this special time and place. 

DEADLINE JAN 20 for both short or long term residencies so international artists can purchase cheap plane tickets. Letters of invitation are available for travel grants. 

COST for THAW: €150-300 sliding scale for ten days depending on your financial situation.