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The Present

Stolpe is a village in the district of Angermünde in Uckermark , Brandenburg.

It is located in the National Park Lower Oder Valley on the Hohensaaten-Friedrichsthal Waterway , which largely corresponds to the previous history of the Oder river.

The village has about 380 inhabitants on an area of ​​1029 ha with an agricultural area of ​​591 ha as well as 225 ha forest. The former castle (or Herrenhaus) Stolpe was built in the middle of the 16th century and rebuilt after a fire in 1922; Today it is a children's home. Since 2002, Stolpe has been holding the title "National Park Community". 

pOnderosa is our Sister-Mother and guiding spirit

It is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to create an international meeting space in the countryside outside of Berlin. They offer and create artist's residencies, studio rentals, workshops, festivals, contact jams, performance venues and P.O.R.C.H. Summer School for aspiring professionals. Ponderosa organization plans throughout the year to make the arts available by developing economic and sustainable financial planning, grant writing, do it yourself- and creative building renovations, and by offering work exchange and accessible community events.

Concrete Transformation

From concrete factory to a cultural park- summer workshop

Vom Betonwerk zum Kulturpark - Erste Sommerwerkstatt

In an experimental summer workshop from April to June, students from the European University Viadrina (Frankfurt (Oder) and the University of the Arts (Braunschweig) will join us for two weekends to investigate possible scenarios and concepts for future use development of the space

For this process students would talk with local residents, associations, businessmen and people from the administration as well as local experts in order to learn more about the context, history and life in and around the former cement factory in Stolpe.
The potential future as it will be envisioned by the students will be presented to the interested public in mid-June.

Den Auftakt dafür bilden Studierenden der Europauniversität Viadrina (Frankfurt(Oder) und der Hochschule der Künste (Braunschweig). In einer experimentellen Sommerwerkstatt im Zeitraum von April bis Juni recherchieren Studierende an zwei Wochenenden vor Ort, um mögliche Szenarien oder Konzepte für die zukünftige Nutzung zu entwickeln. 
Dafür möchte sie unter anderem mit Anwohnern, Vereinen, Gewerbetreibenden und Menschen aus der Verwaltung als lokale Experten sprechen, um mehr über den Kontext, die Geschichte und dem Leben in und um das Stolper Betonwerk zu erfahren. 
Die daraus entwickelten möglichen Zukünfte für das Stolper Betonwerk werden der interessierten Öffentlichkeit  Mitte Juni vorgestellt. 



Yoav Admoni Co-Imaginer and grOund crew


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