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what tO bring?


A towel, personal hygiene products


what nOt tO bring?

Bedsheets, pillows, and blankets are provided.





To cover the cost of food a price of 8 euros a day per person is charged. There is a communal pantry, fridge, and kitchen that is stocked with simple (mainly vegetarian) ingredients. In general, people organize their own breakfast and lunch - this includes cooking and cleaning. Dinner is normally a shared effort.


Please be mindful of the daily food budget and try to cook/eat appropriately. 

There are no shops in Stolpe, there is one 7 km away in a village named Lunow and a few in Angermünde, 11 km away. betOnest is doing the shopping for the collective cooking, but if you want something special you can shop via bus or bike.




We keep a stock of Chocolate, soft-drinks and alcoholic drinks available for purchase at our bar.



You can bring your own bike or use our own. We have a bike rental system in collaboration with our neighboring residency, Ponderosa. It is 2-3€ for a ride, 5€ for the whole day, 8€ for a weekend, 12€ for a week and 30€ for a month.



It is preferable that you pay for your food and accommodation in cash at the start of your stay. Other options for payment need to be discussed with Yoav - ideally before arrival.



hOuse rules?


●     Keep the place clean and tidy. Do your dishes, cleaning up any spills, don’t leave hair in the drain etc.

●     Reduce waste by eating leftovers, cooking older products and recycling.

●     Shut the windows at evening to help keep out the mosquitoes.

●     Respect the neighbors by keeping noise levels reasonable.




all the do's and maybe you probably shouldn't do