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hOw tO get here?

betOnest is located in the picturesque village of Stolpe/Oder in east Brandenburg just 2 km from the border with Poland. This former cement factory spans approximately 45,000 square meters and has recently become a work and research space for interdisciplinary artists.

There are two main steps in the process of getting here, one is from Berlin to Angermünde and the other is from Angermünde to Stolpe.

Buy a ticket from Berlin to Stolpe it should cost 10 euro. Travel with a regional train leaving from Berlin Hbf passing through Berlin Gesundbrunnen, there is one train every hour. 

frOm Angermünde

tO stOlpe

frOm Berlin

tO Angermünde

From Angermünde you need to take the 456 bus from platform 4, but there are only 5 buses a day on weekdays.

(listed in the picture on the right)

On weekends or if you want to arrive after 18:00 you can order a Rufbus +493332442755

but you should call the day before. Or the latest before 12:00pm the day of your trip.

(it is a public transportation service that is working in this area and they only speak German)


Trains are subject to change we recommend confirming their schedule

on  www.bahn.com

Travel with a bus, a rufbus or a bike from Angermünde to Stolpe/Oder. If you have bought your ticket with the destination of Stolpe it should cover this part (on weekends you pay 1 euro more at the rufbus)