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How to apply?

How to


We currently accept applications only for residencies between

1.04.2019 - 03.05.2019.

The Open-Call is due till the 20.01.19

We invite artists of all fields to apply for our Open residency, the application is ongoing and your acceptance is based on availability of the space and the relevance and relation of your project/proposal to other events and residents that might share space with you.

If you are interested in applying we ask at the moment to send an email to art.residency@betonest.com with a short introductory text about you and your project that should include these few points:

  • Time- how long do you want to stay? when are you coming? are your dates flexible?

  • People- are you coming alone? how many people are involved in your project?

  • Studio- what kind of a working environment do you need? shared? private? indoors? outdoors?

  • Food- do you keep a specific diet? or have allergies? 

  • Sleep- are you comfortable with sharing a room? do you prefer to sleep alone? 

  • Funding- are you applying for funding to come here? do you need support?

please accompany your email with some examples of your past work or with a link to your website.